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Introducing Resurgence - a fashion collection that stands as a testament to the strength, resilience, and indomitable spirit of women. This collection is not just about garments; it's a movement, an ode to the power and beauty of the female form. Celebrating the female form and its spirit dressed sans the male gaze. The nude is never naked, but “clothed” by contemporary conventions of dress. This collection stands to redefine the socially processed body as a visual metaphor for identity. Re-routing our tendencies to fall for the societal constructs, Pulse aims to redefine perceptions of identity, provide a platform for the women behind the collection, and inspire societal transformation through the medium of fashion. By amplifying the voices and talents of the women of Fempowerment Foundation, the collection strives to dismantle stereotypes, instill confidence, and foster inclusivity within the fashion industry and beyond. An inclusive celebration of a woman’s strength and artistic expression of one’s identity. A story of resilience, triumph, and transformation. The collection encompasses a wide range of styles representing diverse aspects of womanness and femininity in a new light where it isn’t contained by imagined realities of society. An homage to the person who breathes life into the dusty silence of fabric… Together, let’s embark on this transformative journey, knowing that within us lies the power to rewrite our stories and create a future filled with boundless possibilities.


The collection is designed as an homage to Indian craftsmanship and skills developed and passed down through generations. The silhouettes will be designed to focus more on textiles to shift the narrative of the limitations of Indian textiles and artisans and bridge the gap in the global market. The surface techniques/embroidery will further propel the root cause of designing the collection i.e., empowering women from the socioeconomically disadvantaged population. Circularity of the designs and the collection is the by product of working with Indian Indigenous techniques of weaving, embroidery and creating garments


Our goal is to celebrate the strength, diversity, and beauty of women while highlighting the importance of indigenous craft and sustainable practices within the fashion industry. We firmly believe that empowering women goes hand in hand with promoting sustainability and creating a better future for generations to come


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Ajay Shrivastav

(Founder, Fempowerment Foundation)

Contact No. : +1 (917) 951-4682
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